The University of Law to establish Scottish presence with Central Law Training Scotland purchase

The University of Law (ULaw) has announced the purchase of Central Law Training Scotland (CLT Scotland) from Wilmington plc giving the UK’s longest established specialist provider of legal education a presence in Scotland for the first time.

With nine campuses across England, as well as an online campus and provision of courses through six other UK universities, ULaw is now set to transition CLT Scotland into its first Scottish operation over the next 18 months. The deal sees ULaw acquire one of the two main providers of professional development courses in the Scottish jurisdiction.

CLT Scotland currently operates principally in providing continued professional development (CPD) courses to Scottish solicitors and trainees and, accredited courses to the paralegal sector, all designed to aid the future generation of legal practitioners.

Combining CLT Scotland’s experience in the Scottish market, and in particular in paralegal operations, with ULaw’s wealth of teaching resources and expertise, will provide first class content and ensure a wide range of legal courses are available to the legal profession in Scotland.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a customer of CLT Scotland – how does this news affect me?
CLT Scotland will continue to operate as normal under the University of Law.

I have recently purchased a webinar / virtual classroom / TCPD package - does this affect my training?
Your planned training is unaffected by this exciting development and we look forward to continuing to support you on your educational journey.

I’m a student undertaking a Scottish Paralegal Qualification - how does this news affect me?
CLT paralegal qualifications are run by CLT Scotland and will continue to run as usual.

I'm a student undertaking an English Paralegal Qualification, will my certificate arrangements change?
Your course of study is unaffected by this development and we look forward to continuing to support you on your educational journey.