CLT Scotland, part of The University of Law, is authorised by the Law Society of Scotland to provide TCPD.

How much will it cost?

You can purchase 60 hours’ TCPD for only £1,200 + VAT (£20 + VAT per hour), giving you immediate access to events.  This special rate is exclusive to members of CLT Scotland and flexible payment terms are available.

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What do I get?

We’ve designed our package to help you meet your TCPD requirements.

  • 4 hours of mandatory ethics training. A place is guaranteed between months 9 and 15 of your traineeship.
  • The remainder can be selected from trainee specific content or from our extensive range of face to face and online events.

What trainee specific content is available?

Business communication survival kit >

Commercial insights - what they don't teach you at law school >

Employment tribunal workshop >

Essential criminal defence >

Essential legal proofreading >

The Anatomy of a Contract >

Your career - becoming an NQ >

Mandatory ethics for peat 2 >

Practical negotiation skills >


Proofs in the Sheriff court >

Debates in the Sheriff Court (Civil) >

Trainee basics pt.1 - what they don't teach you at law school >

Trainee basics pt.2- what they don't teach you at law school >

Trainee Basics Part Three - Developing into your Role >

Adults with Incapacity in Practice >

Land Registration under the 2012 Act – Plans and Pitfalls >

Beyond Time >

Essential Financial Skills >

The sheriff court (civil) - everything you need to know >

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Find out more
We can also provide expert advice and support to you and your firm, including onsite delivery of TCPD. Please contact us on +44 (0)141 225 6700 or email for further information and advice.

TCPD - Regulations

  • All trainees must complete a minimum of 60 hours of TCPD during their traineeship
  • At least 40 hours of the 60 hours TCPD must come from an authorised provider
  • The Law Society of Scotland expects that a minimum of 30 hours of TCPD should normally have been undertaken by month 15 of the traineeship but this is not a requirement
  • Between months 9 and 15 of your traineeship, you are required to undertake the Mandatory Ethics Course. This is the only mandatory element of TCPD and must consist of at least 4 hours training and come from an authorised provider
  • Trainees should note that, should they wish to be admitted as a solicitor after the first year of their training contract has been completed, they will require to have completed a minimum of 20 hours of TCPD