1. Central Law Training (Scotland) Ltd will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that confirmation of your booking is sent to you by email or post within 2 days of receipt. A VAT invoice will be sent separately to your accounts department.

2. Course documentation is distributed at the time of the event.

3. Central Law Training (Scotland) Ltd reserves the right to vary or cancel a course where the occasion necessitates.

4. Central Law Training (Scotland) Ltd accepts no liability if, for whatever reason, the course does not take place.

5. Prices may be subject to change.

6. Full invoice payable unless:

Cancellation: provided written notice is received at least 10 working days before the event, the fee will be credited less a £25 (+VAT) administration charge.
Transfer: in the event of a transfer to another date or event, an administration charge of £25 (+VAT) will be levied. This cannot be done after the date of the course.
Credits may be used for other products or services and refunds are available on request. Unused credits may be used up to a period of 12 months.
7. This booking form constitutes a legally binding contract. The delegate and employer are jointly and severally liable for payment of all the fees due to Central Law Training (Scotland) Ltd. To the extent permitted by law, neither Central Law Training (Scotland) Ltd nor its presenters will be liable by reason of breach of contract, negligence or otherwise for any loss or consequential loss occasioned to any person acting, omitting to act or refraining from acting in reliance upon the course documentation or presentation of the course or, except to the extent that any such loss does not exceed the price of the course, arising from or connected with any error or omission in the course documentation or presentation of the course. Consequential loss shall be deemed to include, but is not limited to, any loss of profits or anticipated profits, damage to reputation or goodwill, loss of business or anticipated business, damages, costs, expenses incurred or payable to any third party or any other indirect or consequential losses.


This clause sets out the responsibilities of Central Law Training (Scotland) Ltd (‘the Provider’), and the Customer in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation and any other applicable data protection law (Data Protection Law). Any terms or words defined in Data Protection Law and used in this clause relating to personal data shall have the meaning set out in Data Protection Law. Where the Provider processes any personal data in relation to services or products covered by these Terms and Conditions, it does so as a data controller on its own behalf (including in order to comply with its obligations and exercise its rights under this agreement), and shall comply with Data Protection Law in respect of such processing. Where the Customer provides any personal data in relation to this agreement, it warrants that it does so in compliance with Data Protection Law and that the Provider may, under Data Protection Law, process such data as required or anticipated by this agreement, and the Customer shall be responsible for any costs, losses or expenses the Provider incurs or suffers as a result of breach of such warranty.


Where the Customer provides the names, contact details, or other personal data in relation to attendees at a CLT Scotland sponsored event, the Customer authorises the Provider to share this information with sponsors, stallholders and other commercial partners involved in the event, in order for them to operate the event, send direct marketing to those attendees, and as otherwise required by them. Those third parties are acting as data controllers in their own right, and the Customer should refer to the privacy policies of those relevant third parties if it has any questions or concerns over their use of such information. The Provider is not responsible for, and shall not be liable in any way in respect of, such third parties’ use of personal data.


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