Learn the essentials required to advise on the key rights, responsibilities and liabilities that arise in the modern world of work.

Employment is one of the fastest growing areas of law and the stakes are higher than ever with employment tribunals now able to make awards in excess of £100K for ordinary unfair dismissal claims.

This qualification provides a broad introduction to employment law that will enable you to confidently advise on the key aspects of the employment relationship. You will examine, in detail, employee status and other working relationships. This is relevant due to the rise of the gig economy: a concept which is repeatedly under the microscope both in the employment tribunal and the media. Having developed your knowledge to correctly identify and advise upon the relationship between parties, you will be introduced to employment contracts, their creation and the obligations arising from them.

The qualification develops the skills required to manage the termination of the employment relationship. You will be able to advise on risk and processes in relation to unfair dismissal, disciplinary and redundancy. Insights are provided into alternative dispute resolution and the use of settlement agreements. When alternatives fail, you will be guided through the main tribunal rules, procedures and what to expect at a tribunal hearing.

Both family friendly rights and the more complex area of discrimination law are introduced. There is a thorough examination of the protected characteristics, different types of discrimination and the variety of leave, pay and time off available to parents and carers.

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations are introduced including an explanation of the rights and liabilities that transfer and when dismissal would be unfair. The qualification also considers collective employment rights including trade union recognition, collective bargaining and the Information and Consultation Regulations.

What you'll learn

  • Different working relationships that exist and how they are identified
  • Creation and composition of the contract of employment and how it can be varied
  • Unfair dismissal, the potentially fair reasons for dismissal and the difference between unfair and wrongful dismissal
  • The disciplinary process and the ACAS Code
  • The concept of redundancy, redundancy procedures and redundancy pay
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, settlement agreements and the role of ACAS in the tribunal process
  • Employment Tribunal rules and procedures
  • Discrimination and the key provisions of the Equality Act 2010
  • Family friendly leave and pay, time of for dependants and flexible working
  • Rights and liabilities arising under the TUPE Regulations
  • Trade unions, collective bargaining and recognition



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Level Experienced/Graduate
Jurisdiction England and Wales; Scotland

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What our clients say

"I felt that the set program for the Specialist Paralegal Qualification was very useful in developing and securing my employment law knowledge and understanding. The real world scenarios, set by the well-designed tutor marked assignments, skilfully enhanced the application of the legal theory to actual practical application scenarios. The design of the course enabled the intake of complex legal information in a manner which was thoroughly assessed and considered in conveying employment law topics in an empowering and engaging way."
Mark Essex, Senior HR Officer, Deputy Head of Legal Team, VOICE


"The course helped me to consolidate a broad understanding of employment law and to demonstrate the practical application of knowledge."
Phil Madelin, Head of Legal, Public and Commercial Services Union

"A formal qualification underpins my practical knowledge and application of the law in the work place. I anticipate being able to provide advice and support to colleagues and managers across the business (aerospace engineering) armed with a credible qualification and more thorough understanding and appreciation of enacted law, and resultant case law. CLT provide very readable course literature and have proved to be a responsive and supportive organisation as I continue my studies."
Roger Buxton, HR Director, UTC Aerospace Systems


"The textbook very good, it was easy to read and well presented (both the old and new version), the administration staff were very good and communicated very well."
Andy Symonds, Head of Human Resources, Tayto Group Ltd

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