New to Law?

This is a short, online course designed to provide a crash course in the basics of the English Legal System.

The course develops knowledge and understanding of how law is developed, the different court systems and processes, alternatives to litigation in the courts, public and private funding and the fundamental ethical and professional conduct rules for those in the legal business. The course provides the background information employees need to understand the workings of the legal world and their place within it.

Each of the five course modules is complimented by case studies to expand knowledge, and after each module, students complete a series of multiple choice qualifications – these exercises are designed to assess knowledge.

Course modules include:

1. Introduction – What is Law?

2. The Legal System – An Overview

3. The Legal Profession

4. Funding for Legal Services

5. Ethical and Professional Conduct Rules

This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete. The complete course fee is £150 + VAT




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