At Title Research, we can provide fast, fixed fee access to genealogical research and asset repatriation services, making us the best choice for resolution of complex estate administration cases.

That means satisfied clients and more money left in the estate for beneficiaries. What’s more, we’re able to obtain Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance to protect against future claims to the estate.

Genealogical Research

  • Tracing missing beneficiaries or unknown people
  • Providing or verifying family trees on intestate executries
  • Locating potential executors dative on ultimus haeres executries
  • Arranging missing beneficiary indemnity policies
  • Locating Wills and Documents

Asset Repatriation

  • Dealing with UK and overseas shareholdings
  • Dealing with North American assets
  • Global bankruptcy searches
  • Reseal of Confirmation
  • Financial Asset Search;
  • International Currency Transfers

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